Ultimate Rule Exceptions

The Sport and Social Club plays by official UPA rules with four notable exceptions:

1.)  The Sport and Social Club plays 5 on 5 (see below).
2.)  Field size differs (see below).
3.)  The Sport and Social Club plays games to 19 points or 1.5 hours, whichever comes first (see below).
4.)  Foot blocks are not permitted and are considered fouls.

Number of Players: 5 players are permitted per team are permitted on the field.  A team can play with a minimum of 4 people, as long as two (2) of the players are women and two (2) of the players are men.

Game Length: 
Games are completed either when one team reaches 19 points or if  1.5 hours of play is completed.  A 5 minute half time occurs when one team reaches 9 points or after 40 minutes of play.  If regulation time has expired (or 40 minutes has elapsed in the first half) the teams should "play out the point", with with point counting towards the final score.  Teams may call a one (1) minute time-out per half if needed except in the final 5 minutes of play.  Games can end in a tie during the regular season.

Playoff Tie Breaking: In the playoffs, when regulation time has expired, the current point should be played out until a team scores.  If this point results in the score being tied, one more point is to be played in order to break the tie. PLAYOFF GAMES CANNOT END IN A TIE.

Field Set-Up:  Official 5-on-5 field size is approximately 35 to 40 paces wide and 55 to 60 paces long with end zones 8 to 10 paces deep.  The brick mark should 10 yards off of the goal line.

It is our hope that more experienced teams will assist in the promotion and clarification of the spirit of the game and the rules.  If a team or person in unclear on something, explain it to them to enhance the Ultimate experience and not to put them at a disadvantage.  This will ensure that all games that are played are heading to a higher and more enjoyable level.