SSSC rules for All Sorts of Sports Handball

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1. Equipment/Set-Up:
Team captains are responsible for bringing the supplied handball to each game. Captains should agree on a crease before the game using the venue's existing lines. In addition, teams are responsible for keeping track of the score. Please designate one person/team to keep score. Each team should bring both light and dark coloured shirts to each and every game.

2. Game Time/Default:
Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can start your games on time. Games are 55 minutes in length, without a break at halftime. Please agree on one person to act as timekeeper. Teams are comprised of five (5) players with a minimum of two (2) of each gender. A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 10 minutes after the official start time. A team can play with a minimum of 4 people, as long as two (2) of the players are women and two (2) are men. Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum people but this should be decided before the game starts. IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!

3. General Rules:


Initiating Play

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Moving the Ball

 The Crease

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The Goalie

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Out of Bounds



4. Playoff Tie Breaking:
A game can end in a tie during the regular season. In the playoffs, a game that is tied at the end of regulation time is decided by a five-minute sudden death overtime period. If still tied, a shoot-out will commence; each of the five players on the floor (including the goalie) takes one shot each from outside the crease (a run-up of 5 paces is allowed and players can shoot while over the crease). Only the players on the court at the end of the game can participate and the goalie that finished the game remains the goalie for the shoot-out. After five shots, if still tied, teams continue taking single shots until one team has scored (and the other team does not). The order of shooters must be maintained.


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5. Rough Play:
ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM FURTHER LEAGUE PLAY AND MAY RESULT IN LIFETIME LEAGUE EXPULSION. PLEASE SEE THE SPORT AND SOCIAL CLUB POLICY SHEET FOR OUR OFFICIAL POLICY ON THIS SUBJECT. It is recognized that incidental contact between players is inevitable -  however, all players should go out of their way to avoid creating an unsafe play.  This rule supersedes all others.